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~ Mindshadows - A Canadian Poetry Anthology ~

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MINDSHADOWS - A Canadian Poetry Anthology
Debbie Okun Hill - Editor/Compiler
Elana Wolff & Katerina Fretwell - Illustrators

All members of The Ontario Poetry Society are invited to participate in our annual anthology of poetry.

This collection will feature your poetry on themes confronting those times and events which plague our thoughts.

brain twisters; poems about regrets - things not realized or completed; hidden things; dark and deep secrets;
magic and mysteries and things mysterious; the occult; trickery, deceit, under the table deals; confusion;
midnight madness; getting lost or feeling lost; nightmares and dreams.

poems about dance parties, discos; street life after dark; sleep and / or insomnia;
poems about night shift workers including nurses, bartenders, EMS workers,
paramedics, firefighters, machine operators, astronomers; nocturnal animals and birds
(bats, owls, raccoons, skunks, rabbits, etc).

conflict between good and evil; light and dark or white and black images; nasty or
shady characters; life in the shadows; prostitution, drug dealers, cat burglars, scam artists; darkness;
eerie feelings; out-of-body or clairvoyant experiences; déjà-vu; Halloween images - ghouls, ghosts,
vampires, graveyards, haunted houses; darkened woods or wooded areas and poems about death.


sunsets and sunrises; porch lights; street lights; headlights; night blindness; poems about stars, astronomy,
or astrology; campfires; flashlights; love, romance, sensuality, passion; candles.


No foul language, no lewdness, and no heavy slant on religion.

Poems may be in rhyme and/or in free verse. Poems may be previously published, as long
as the author (you) hold the copyright. Kindly include any publishing credits,
previous poetry prizes, etc., at the bottom of the page for the respective poem(s).

Poems are not to exceed 70 lines, including stanza breaks.

Each member must submit a minimum of 5 poems and a maximum of 10 poems.
Kindly make sure your name is neatly printed on the top left hand corner of your poem.

Each member is guaranteed to have a minimum of 2 short poems or 1 long poem that needs two pages in the book.

Kindly fill out the accompanying Bio Information Form, as there will be a bio section at the back of the book.

Submission Deadline:
Entries to be mailed on or before March 15, 2015. Extended to March 31st
Estimated date of publication is August 31, 2015.

The Ontario Poetry Society is a registered, not-for-profit, grass roots, democratic, poet-friendly organization.
Since we do not receive outside funding for this project, it must be financially self-sustaining.
Each submission must include payment for at least one copy of the book.

Orders prior to publication:
$20 Per Copy
(Get 4 copies for $70.00 - $10 discount on the 4th copy)
There is no limit on the number of books you may purchase, providing they are paid for in advance.
Prices include all taxes, postage and handling expenses.
Kindly make your payment payable to The Ontario Poetry Society.

All participants in this project will receive a designer bookmark as a thank you gift.

Please note our anthologies are sold out very quickly. To avoid disappointment,
kindly order as many books as you know you'll need. These anthologies make perfect birthday and holiday gifts.

Orders after publication:
copies will be $ 25.00 each

Kindly send poems, Bio Information Form and payment to:

The Ontario Poetry Society,
#710 - 65 Spring Garden, Toronto, Ont. M2N 6H9

Kindly put "Anthology Submission" on the front of the envelope.