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~ Dancing on Stones - A Canadian Poetry Anthology ~

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Dancing on Stones - A Canadian Poetry Anthology
John Di Leonardo, Editor/Compiler & Illustrator

All members of The Ontario Poetry Society are invited to participate in our annual anthology of poetry.
This collection will feature your best poems on things that allude to life's most pleasant and unpleasant situations including
LANDFORMS/NATURAL ENVIRONMENTS: Poems about nature, poems about rock gardens, about the chang-ing seasons,
about global warming and depletion of the ozone layer, poems about rock collections, Poems about digs and excavations,
about geologists and archeologists, Poems about mining for gold, poems about gold diggers,
Poems about rocks and mountains, rock climbing, mountain climbing, hiking, poems about volcanoes, poems about downhill skiing,
Poems about meteors, about space travel, poems about star gazing and astronomy,
Poems about gemstones, poems about stone sculptures / statues
MUSIC: Poems about the dance, Poems about music, about rhythm in everyday life, Poems about dancing with a partner,
with a group, or alone, Poems about feet - dancing feet, happy feet, sore feet, tired feet, different parts of the feet, including toes,
heels, arches which could result in poems about tip-toeing, fallen arches, high heel calami-ties,
Poems about ballet dancing, ice dancing, rock and roll, ballroom dancing, dancing competition(s)
RELATIONSHIPS: Poems about relationships, about dating, gold diggers, Poems about courting, romantic poems,
Poems about failed relationships and divorce, Poems about the break-up of a longtime friendship, Poems about
depression, physical disabilities, about feeling inadequate, Poems about paranoia, mental illness and schizophre-nia
IMPACTFUL SITUATIONS: Poems about vacations, retirement, Poems about coping with the death of a loved one,
Poems about burials and tombstones, Poems about dealing with difficult situations / people/ one particular difficult person,
Poems about an awkward situation, Poems about fitting in, about getting along in a for-eign/unfamiliar
environment, adjusting to a new job, a new home, a new lifestyle, Poems about ageing

Poems may be in rhyme and/or in free verse. Poems may be previously published, as long as the author (you) hold the copyright.
Include any publishing credits, previous poetry prizes, etc., at the bottom of the page for the respec-tive poem(s).
Poems are not to exceed 70 lines, including stanza breaks.
Each member must submit a minimum of 5 poems up to a maximum of 10 poems.
This is so the editor/compiler has enough choices from your submission to make the best selection for the book.
Kindly make sure your name is neatly printed on the top left hand corner of your poem
and the theme of each poem is typed on the upper right hand corner of the page.
Each member is guaranteed to have a minimum of 2 short poems
or 1 long poem that needs two pages in the book.

Fill out the accompanying Bio Information Form, as there will be a bio section at the back of the book.
Submission Deadline: Entries to be mailed on or before March 15, 2019.
Estimated date of publication is August 31, 2019.
The Ontario Poetry Society is a registered, not-for-profit, grass roots, democratic, poet-friendly organization.
Since we do not receive outside funding for this project, it must be financially self-sustaining.
Each submission must include payment for at least one copy of the book. Pre-publication Offer - $25 Per Copy
There is no limit on the number of books you may purchase, providing they are paid for in advance.
Prices include all taxes, postage and handling expenses. Make your payment payable to
The Ontario Poetry Society. All participants in this project will receive a designer bookmark as a thank you gift.
Our anthologies are sold out very quickly. To avoid disappointment, kindly order as many books you know you'll need.
These anthologies make perfect birthday and holiday gifts. After publication, copies will be $30 each.
Send poems, Bio Information Form and payment to:
The Ontario Poetry Society, #710 - 65 Spring Garden, Toronto, Ont. M2N 6H9.
Make sure your name is neatly printed on the top left hand corner of your poem page
and the theme of each poem is typed on the upper right hand corner of the poem page.

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