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As a writer I am fulfilled when creating poetry, stories, characters, and situations which before never existed outside my imagination. I was born and raised by my parents in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I often describe myself as one who tends to do everything backward. At a very early age I married and before long my two daughters arrived. Having only a high school education I waited until my children were grown before going back to school. I attended University of Toronto and later graduated from Transformational Arts College. For the past fourteen years I have lived in Elliot Lake, Ontario but in the past I have lived in Toronto and its suburbs; Prince Edward Island and in New Zealand. I have also enjoyed other international travel but as a tourist in countries including Thailand; Korea; Bahamas; Bermuda; Columbia, Puno and Cartagena in South America. I have held several jobs throughout my life; primarily the positions of legal transcriptionist; teacher and psychospiritual practitioner in private practice.

I always wanted to write and I did write in a small way as a hobby but I never made any attempt at publication. It was not until I retired at an uncertain age that I finally made the promise to myself that I would fulfill my dream of being an author. Since that day I have worked very hard though it does not feel like work. I love creative writing and how can something one loves so much be classified as work? I have written novels, novellas, short stories, some of which are in anthologies, and some, like Daniel, which dare to stand alone. Drawing on my experience as a teacher/therapist I put together what is so far my only book on personal growth. The majority of my short stories deal with social issues. I have no diplomas or degrees in creative writing. I have only the imagination and the desire to allow the wonderful characters I create the freedom to express and the time to tell their stories. I do my best to keep up with the characters and I hope others enjoy reading what I write."

Poetry, for me, is a pleasurable challenge; one that I want to meet. The writing of poems is something my mother loved to do and I remember as a child being taught, "It's not poetry if it does not rhyme". Perhaps this is why rhyming seems to come easy for me but to write free verse; there is my mountain to climb. I am climbing, albeit using baby steps, but I am always thrilled when I meet with even the slightest poetic success. This encourages me to keep trying.

- The Ontario Poetry Society

- Wynterblue Publishing Canada - WynLit Member
- Authors Helping Authors
- Fiction Writers Guild

- Diploma - Transformational Arts College, Toronto

Poetry Awards and Publication:
..Certificates of Poetic Achievement awarded for the following poems published by White Mountain Publications:
- Sylvan Jottings - poem "Silent Thunder"
- Moments in Time - poem "What If"
- Scripted Inspiration - poem "Inspiration"
- Arising From The Mist - poems "Eleven, Eleven"; "To Be a Daniel"; "In The Mirror"
- Spirits in Stone - Poem - "Mustard on a Hotdog"
- In The Forest - a narrative poem - First place WynLit 24 Wynterblue Competition
........................published in Confabulation 2 by Wynterblue Publishing Canada.
- Penpourri, Anthology of Stories and Poems - Poems: "Do You Know Trees"; "First Impression";
............................................................................... "Mountains and Countryside"; "When Two Souls Meet".
- Honourable Mention - Ultra short Poem Competition 2013 - poem "Weary" - Ontario Poetry Society.

Other Publications:

- Sara, a Canadian Saga
- Reawakening
- Ellen and The Hummingtree
- Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy

- Beyond The Blue
- Recompense
- When God Gives Us Spring

Personal Growth:
- Keeping It Simple - Emotional Healing through Meditation, the Chakras and Psychospiritual Therapy

Short Stories:
- The Hole In The Wall; The Second Self; Shattered and Beaten; Chanti's Escape; The Face In The Mirror; Andrew's Achievement;
.. Another Mother's Day; Running On Empty; Find Firinn; Valentine Guffaw; No Mercy for Magdalena; Passion For Staying Put;
.. While You Were Sleeping; Jacob's Seven Letters; Jie Ke's Teahouse; Hope of Glory; Quest For Cammirand; The Big Book; Joshua's Journey.

Short Stories for Children:
- At The Edge of His World; The Last Drop


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