The Ontario Poetry Society
~ Dippity Doo Dah Poetry Chapbook Competition 2019 ~

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The Ontario Poetry Society Presents
The Dippity Do Dah Poetry Chapbook Competition
Open to Everyone

First Prize $100 Second Prize $75 Third Prize $50
Plus 5 Judge's Choice Awards $25 each
Plus 10 Honourable Mention Awards $15 each
All cash prizes paid in Canadian funds.
All 18 prize winners receive a fancy certificate.
Plus one copy of the anthology per poem published in the book.
(ie: Should the prize winner have 2 winning poems,
he or she will receive 2 anthologies.)
Rules and Guidelines:
Poems to be no longer than 36 lines.
Spaces between the stanzas count as lines.
All styles welcome (free verse, rhyme, etc.)
Themes include poems about skinny dipping, ice cream dips, chips and dip,
ladle dipping, dipping the cookie into the hot tea, coffee or cocoa, double dipping,
a dip in the ocean, a dip in productivity, the onset of that old ennui, a dance with a dip.
Poems may be about candle making and hand sewing.
Poems may be about the Big Dipper and/or the Little Dipper.
Poems may be about dipping into the piggy bank or your life savings,
dipping into something new, or the unexpected dip in the road.
Poems may be about vacations, sojourns of the body /soul /mind.
Poems may also be about a dip in temperature, global warming, sunsets,
water rituals, animals dipping into water, Baptizing, and the Mikvah experience.

There is no limit to the number of submissions.
Poems may be previously published,
but not have previously won a contest prize.
Blind judging.
No author information to be anywhere on the same page as the poem,
back and front.
A separate cover page must be included with author name,
complete mailing address, phone number and e-mail,
along with a vertical list of poem titles (first line if no poem title).
Poems to be in #11 Arial or #11 Times New Roman.

Entry fee: One poem for $5 or 3 poems for $10.
Poems to postmarked on/or before February 28, 2020.
Enclose a #10 s.a.s.e. for the winners list & receive a gift
of a $1 off coupon for another T.O.P.S. contest
Send your submission plus entry fee payable to
The Ontario Poetry Society,
#710 - 65 Spring Garden Ave., Toronto, Ont. M2N 6H9
Contest Judge is Rebecca Clifford