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The Ontario Poetry Society Presents:
The Pandemic Poetry Anthology Contest
Open to Everyone

First Prize - $50 & a fancy certificate
15 Honourable Mention Awards - a fancy certificate
Cash prize paid in Canadian dollars
Plus 1 Free Copy of the Anthology per poem published
(eg; if one poet has 3 winning poems, he or she get 3 copies of the book)

Rules and Guidelines:

Poems to be no longer than 36 lines.
Spaces between the stanzas count as lines.
All styles welcome - free verse, rhyme, etc.
Poems to be single spaced, one poem per page on letter size paper
Font in Arial #12

Themes include poems about being sick with the corona virus,
having symptoms of the virus and awaiting a test to see if it is positive,
being in enforced quarantine for having the virus,
being in self-quarantine for fear of getting the virus and/or
a precaution to prevent getting the virus, pandemic paranoia,
anything to do with the state of the world while in the grip of the spreading cases
and subsequent deaths, poems of recovery from the corona virus.

There is no limit to the number of submissions.
Poems may be previously published, but not have previously won a contest prize.
Blind Judging.
No author information to be anywhere on the same page as the poem(s), back and front.
A separate cover page must be included with author name, complete mailing address,
Phone number and e-mail (if possible)
Along with a vertical list of poem titles (1st lines if no titles)

Entry fee:
Up to 5 poems for photocopy of your donation cheque or money order of $20
to your favourite hospital

Poems to be postmarked on/or before November 30, 2020

Send your submission plus proof of donation entry fee to
Attn: I.B. Iskov, Contest Coordinator,
#710 - 65 Spring Garden Ave., Toronto, Ontario M2N 6H9
Enclose a #10 s.a.s.e. (self-addressed stamped envelope) for a copy of the winners list.
Contest Judge is Elana Wolff