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The Ontario Poetry Society - Bi-Annual Newsletter
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For The Next Issue of Verse Afire:

Poems wanted on food. This may be about only one kind of food or it can be about an entire meal.
Poems are to be no longer than 36 lines. Poem title and author name are not included in the line count.
Included in the line count are epigraphs, dedications, poem credits and stanza spaces.
No more than 6 long words or 8 short words on each line to make room for
a fellow member’s poem to fit on the same page with your poem. All styles welcome.

Deadline for the January issue is Nov.15th. Put your name on the same page as your poem and e-mail it to ibunny@rogers.com.
No lewdness, no foul language and no heavy slant on religion. Or, you may send your poem by regular post to
I.B. Iskov, Verse Afire Editor, #710 – 65 Spring Garden Ave., Toronto, Ont. M2N 6H9.

If sending by Canada Post, please mail it early to have it in before the deadline.

Also note that only one poem per member is allowed in each issue, to offer a space in the newsletter to as many members as possible.


All styles welcome.
No foul language, no lewdness and
no heavy slant on religion, please.

Poems to be no longer than 36 lines
Spaces between the stanzas count as lines.
The poem title and author name are not
included in the count.

No more than 6 long words or 8 short words on a line to assure
member’s poem may fit beside your poem on the same page.

Please remember we have limited space and need
to give everyone a place in the newsletter for their poetry.

Previously published poems accepted as long as you,
the author, hold the copyright.

If the poem has been previously published
and you would like a credit to appear with the poem,
(First printed in...) or
(from Book Title, publisher & year)
please include the details under the poem
and we'll include it in the newsletter.

Please include your name on the front page with the poem.

Deadline for the Next Issue is
15, 2019

Poems/Recipes may be sent in the body of an email (no attachments please) to:

email contributions to Bunny

or by regular post to:
I.B. Iskov
Verse Afire Editor
#710 - 65 Spring Garden,
Toronto, On M2N 6H9.

Send your poem early...


Poems that missed the recent issue of Verse Afire

God and Green Beans

Thomas Edison is said to have asked
his teacher "Why is grass green?"
She replied: "Because green is
God''s favorite colour."

Kentucky race horses
hunger for the bluegrass.
A blue sky would have provided
more dynamic sunsets for green valleys.

Brussels sprouts and green beans
are not popular vegetables.
If their colour was purple
would they be more appealing?

Dr. John La Gaipa