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Sounding the Seconds
A Canadian Poetry Anthology

Edited and Compiled by Adele Kearns Thomas & Lynn Tait Anthology Illustrator: Lynn Tait
All members of The Ontario Poetry Society were invited
to participate in our annual poetry anthology.

Anthology Theme - Timely Things:
Poems about births, deaths, disasters, chance meetings, important dates.
Poems involving noise and noisy subjects including
the sound barrier, chain saws, hammers, drills, alarms,
train whistles, boom boxes, crows.
Poems about inner sounds of frustration, creativity,
schizophrenia and babies' cries.
Poems with little or no sound including
the sound of your own heartbeat, hummingbirds' wing flaps, the sound of your own thoughts, night noises, snores, hoot-owls, clock ticking.

send a cheque or money order to: The Ontario Poetry Society,
31 Marisa Court, Thornhill, ON L4J 6H9
Members included in the anthology
Estelle Bennett
Frank Blackwood
Ken Boivin
Jacqueline Borowick
Allan Briesmaster
Joseph Brush
April Bulmer
Karen Calaiezzi
Aileen Calligaris
Mauro Cappa Jr.
David Chirko
Mark Clement
Jacques Cormier
Heather Corteling
Flavia Cosma
Caroline H. Davidson
Vivian Demuth
Gayanne Dewar
Sonja Dunn
Elka Enola
Kate Marshall Flaherty
Peggy Fletcher
Gill Foss
Joanna Gale
Gail Gernat
Jay C. Hershberg
Sherri Hext
Debbie Okun Hill
I.B. Iskov
Anne Duke Judd
Jean Kallmeyer
John B. Lee
Monika Lee
Barbara Lefcourt
Bernice Lever
Norma West Linder
Mary Anne Lonergan
Maria Pia Marchelletta
Cornelius P. McStone
S.A. McCormick
Gary E. Miller
Don Mulcahy
Karen P. Ouellette
Ann Page
Kathleen Rockey
R.D. Roy
Mel Sarnese
Jeff Seffinga
Najah Shuqair
Sophie Soil
Don Stabler
Dorothy Stott
Isabel Sturgeon
JC Sulzenko
Joan Sutcliffe
Lynn Tait
Adele Kearns Thomas
Richard Thorman
Tony Valuch
Karin Macphail Weber
Elana Wolff
Ed Woods
Carmen Ziolkowski