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Poems For The Soul
by Najah Shuqair

AKHDAR PRESS, 2008, 30 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9811478-0-2

Najah’s poems on life and the beauty that surrounds us will take your breath away.

To order your copy of this captivating little book, send $15 payable to:

Najah Shuqair
8 Crestwood Place, Sarnia, Ont. N7S 5M9

How to Write a Good Poem
by I.B. Iskov & Mark Clement

8 pages of information on writing poetry.
Designed primarily for young people.

To get a copy - send $2.00 (includes postage)

The Ontario Poetry Society
# 710 - 65 Spring Garden, Toronto, ON M2N 6H9

Sex Sells
A collection of 20 poems
by I.B. Iskov

"Funny, flirtatious and pure entertainment in every poem." 
Katherine L. Gordon, author, editor, publisher, judge and reviewer.

"These poems remind us of the lovely physical predicament of being fully human." 
John B. Lee, Poet Laureate of the city of Brantford.

Passion Among the Cacti Press, 2005 - ISBN: 0-9737351-3-9, 20pp

To order, send $8 (includes s & h)

Payable to:
Lenny Everson,
Passion Among the Cacti Press,
782 Stirling Avenue South,
Kitchener, ON. N2M 3K3.

Flaming Angels of Spring:
Poems About Women
by David Chirko 

From the back cover & bio: "A set of poems exploring the many facets of women...
unwrapping the mysteries encapsulating the...female psyche--from the ultrafeminine to the flagrant,
" i.e., from the title poem: "Flaming angels of spring weave a pastoral tapestry/O'er the sleepless,
meadowed minds,/entreating the burning softness of summer;" and, from "Paranoid": "Her hot tongue
is acrid, so it will travel/Across cool oceans of ominous thoughts and words--/Rumors unravel."

 Flaming Angels Of Spring is titled after one of David's paintings of the same name,
which adorns the front cover of this chapbook. For more information, please visit David's web page:

 Passion Among the Cacti Press, 2004 - ISBN: 0-9735852-2-6, 28 pp

To order, send a cheque for $9.20, (includes s & h)

Payable to:

Lenny Everson,
Passion Among the Cacti Press
782 Stirling Avenue, South
Kitchener, ON. N2M 3K3
(519) 579-2442

Bygone Daughters of a Lesser Fate
by Sophie Soil

This is a saga spanning three generations of women trapped in the wrong place and time,
who lived through two merciless world wars. This collection is both heartbreaking and heartening,
eloquently moving and vibrantly alive. This poetic memoir tells of courage, survival,
and resolve in a poignant voice that will touch the deepest recesses of your soul.

PublishAmerica, 2004 - ISBN: 1-4137-2107-9, 141pp

To order this book on-line go to www.publishamerica.com/books/4922
to order directly from the author, send a cheque for $24.50 ($22.00 + $2.50 p&h)

Payable to:
Sophie Soil,
45 Felicia Court,
Thornhill, ON.  L4J 5K7

S. A. (Shirley Anne) McCormick

McCormick’s first full collection of poetry, Days in Green and Blue is composed mostly of her published works from the past decade. Shirley's poems are inspired by relationships with nature, self and each other, from the personal to the political, and have appeared in various Canadian journals, anthologies and magazines.
About her poetry, Robert Priest commented in 2000, "A strong and welcome new voice."

GOH Press, July/2002 - ISBN 0-9731250-0-4 - $10.00

Shirley is also author of the historical novella, The Estate of Mrs. Pearl Whiteman, which tells the moving tale of an old man's life and love in rural Ontario farm country throughout the 1900's to the present.

Boheme Press, Oct/2000 - ISBN 1-894498-13-5 - $15.00
Her second novel, Seasons at Redstone Creek, is set in cottage country, and is the second book in a loosely-related fictional series. This contemporary novel follows the writer's tradition of people stories with thought-provoking, sometimes controversial, and sometimes humourous, elements.

GOH Press, Oct/2002 - ISBN 0-9731250-2-0 - $20.00

For more information on the author, see her webpage at  The Writers' Union of Canada

Out of the Abyss
by Sam Simchovitch


The Introduction by Adam Fuerstenberg introduces the reader to the Author and his poems and states.
"The publication of this significant volume is a major achievement."
 Irving Layton, Elie Wiesel, and Raymond Souseter all read this collection with pleasure.

Self-Published - ISBN: 0-973-2759-1-X, 290 Pages

To order, send a cheque for $20 (postage included)

Payable to:
Sam Simchovitch,
17 Tillplain Road
Toronto, ON. M3H 5R1

by  Elana Wolff

"Elana Wolff has written one of the best books of poetry of the past year.
Birdheart is beautiful and moving, a collection full of wonderful imagery and
language.  This is poetry you won't soon forget." Dan Johnson, Word,
The Literary Calendar, March 2002 issue.

Guernica Editions Inc., Antonio D'Alfonso, editor; 2001 - ISBN: 1-55071-146-6, 61pp

BIRDHEART is $12.00 and can be bought at any major bookstore.

by Vanna Tessier

PEPPERMINT NIGHT is the winner of the Poet's Corner's Award 2002.
Aware of today's environmental challenges, Tessier is always in search of a good
story in verse. Her poems are about the reality of the world we live in. Either we take
responsibility for our actions or find refuge within the realm of imagery and fantasy.

Broken Jaw Press,
2002 - ISBN: 1-896647-83-9, 64 pp

To order, send a cheque of $13.95

Payable to:
 Broken Jaw Press
Box 596
Fredericton, NB E3B 5A6

by Adele Kearns Thomas

"Enjoyed reading this work both for its exciting compressions and gritty,
 tough-minded wit." Carmine Starnino Associate Editor, Maisonneuve Magazine.

Published by Micro Prose, Toronto, 2003 - ISBN: 0-9686018-8-X, 75 pp

To order, send cheque for $12.95 (S & H included)

Payable to:
Adele Kearns Thomas,
1089 Salisbury Street,
Sarnia, ON N7S 3V6

by Vanna Tessier

The stories of THISTLE CREEK deal with two contrasting worlds, the past and
the present, influencing people’s relationships. Searching through what is left of the
past in our memories, we understand how time may chisel at our ever-changing
present. Some find shelter in reminiscing and in their imagination. Others go on with
their lives, facing reality on their own terms. You may act on impulse, but you don’t
want to forget what didn’t turn out the way you expected. If you can’t relive nor
remake the past, you can change, transforming the present into a mold for the future.
And that may be worth a try.

Snowapple, 2000 - ISBN: 1-895592-23-2, 160 pp

To order, send a cheque of $18.95

Payable to:
 Snowapple Press,
#66024 Heritage P.O.
Ednonton, AB. T6J 6T4.

by Vanna Tessier

"Each line changes into an image - a transformation of the never-ending story which may be the truth -
a different facet in the kaleidoscope of reality - a work where verse becomes musically enigmatic."
- Gilberto Finzi – author of The Last Waltz of Chopin and Little Aerial Soldier
for the 2000 PEN AWARD FOR POETRY.

"In Vanna Tessier's poetry, each word, each sound matters as does their cumulative music.
Some subjects are caught up close, others farther away, but each is freshly and honestly rendered.
Through it all, Tessier writes moral poems that force us to confront the dark as well as the light.
These poems cross the world and time but always find essential human truths.
Most of all they reveal just how complex and holy each life is. Tessier will make you
care, will make you wonder, but most of all she'll make you want to do something good."
- Robert Hilles - Governor General's Award

To order, send a cheque for $18.95

Payable to:
 Snowapple Press,
# 66024 Heritage P.O.
Edmonton, AB T6J 6T4

Weighted Light
by Allan Briesmaster

"At first, blustery, the lines come to you with syntactical tangles that are startling,
but they win you to their rhythm.  The poems create their own kind of amble at times,
which becomes unconscious in its effect, like recognizing a friend from behind on the street.
- Adam Dickinson, The Fiddlehead.

Watershed Books, 1998 - ISBN: 1-894205-00-6, 80pp

To order your copy, send a check for $12.00

Payable to:
Allan Briesmaster,
7811 Yonge St.
suite 512
Thornhill, ON L3T 4S3

by Allan Briesmaster

In a wide variety of styles and tones of voice, these poems are concerned with loved ones;
the divided self and struggles with spiritual morale; growth, decay and transformation;
habitats, flora and birds mainly in Southern Ontario; travels; visual art; and music. 

Hidden Brook Press, 2001 -
ISBN: 1-894553-29-2, 75pp

To order your copy, send a check for $12.00

Payable to:
Allan Briesmaster,
7811 Yonge St.
suite 512
Thornhill, ON L3T 4S3

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