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The Platinum Poet Tree Series
Available to Members Only

The Ontario Poetry Society is now offering its members the opportunity to be considered for a full collection of poems in a perfect bound book of 48 or more pages. This book will have a colour cover and 24 lb. paper. An I.S.B.N. will be provided and all books will include a bio page with optional photo from the poet, as well as a Table of Contents. This series is for members whose work incorporates imagery and fresh language. All themes and styles are welcome. It will be published under the Imprint Beret Days Press.

All collections must be submitted in a WORD file.
Colour head shot photos may be sent in a J-Peg.

Cost: 48-100 pages of poetry - $12 per copy, with a minimum order of 50 books = $600. These charges include the set-up fee, all taxes and shipping expenses. The books will retail for $18.
Books of more than 100 pages of poetry will be quoted.

Should the collection require any editing,
additional charges may apply.

One free copy of the collection comes with each first order (not on re-orders). The Ontario Poetry Society prints additional copies for libraries, including The National Library of Canada, for a poetry book reviewer and for T.O.P.S. archives.

Once the book is published, the member can bring their books to any of T.O.P.S.’ scheduled events and have a Ten Minute Spotlight and launch their books and sell them on the breaks between sets. They will also get a poetry book review in a future issue of Verse Afire. A fellow member will write the review. The book will also be featured on T.O.P.S. Book Store and the front cover will be featured with the ad.

If a member would like to publish a full collection, but their work does not merit a Platinum Poet Tree Series, they can have the same offer as mentioned above, but their book will be a Premier Poet Tree Series. A Life Member will determine which Imprint the poetry collection merits.

Kindly note that due to the work involved in producing a larger book, the wait time for your order can take up to six months.